Insights in Data

Buzzwords like ‘Big Data’, ‘AI & Analytics’ and ‘Making data work for you’ are here to stay. These terms echo through almost every organisation in all sectors. Yet it remains a challenge for many companies to be truly in control of their data. To come up with actual new business models, which increase operational efficiency or enable (hyper) personalised marketing, data must become a core value of business operations. This requires a good data structure and a new way of working.

At the Flevum “Insights in Data” meetings, companies show how they deal with these challenges and share their lessons learned. This allows you to find out how to make your organisation future-proof through Insights in Data.

Flevum will organize the following events in 2024:

  • Platform Smart Data Network Netherlands: 3
  • Platform Data & Analytics: 4
  • Data cross-industry: 6



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