Dealing with Challenges: The Vital Role of Partner Networks

No single actor is equipped to single-handedly deal with the challenges we all face today. Globalisation, digitalisation, energy transition; these challenges force us to cooperate. The only way to do this and to exert real change is by forging strategic alliances, which is exactly what many are struggling with. Problems arise not just in forming alliances but also in successfully managing the partner-ecosystem. The importance of successful strategic alliances for any organisation cannot not be understated. In this vein, we Flevum organises a (Virtual) Round Table.

During this (Virtual) Round Table, Arjan de Jong will show how Vattenfall emphasizes the importance of a strategic alliance network in dealing with the energy transition and how he attempts to force innovation from within & Jan Vreeburg will highlight the role of partner networks in broadening the range of products offered by KLM. Afterwards there will be room for informal dialogue.

Keynote speaker: Arjan de Jong, Head of Supplier Development & Innovation with Vattenfall
Arjan de Jong has been working for Vattenfall for over 11 years now. In his role of Head of Supplier Development & Innovation, Arjan seeks to cooperate with suppliers to foster innovation fast & now. As Vattenfall is one of the largest electric utility companies in Europe, the company has an important role in ensuring a successful energy transition. He will use the energy transition as a backdrop for his explanation of the importance of strategic alliances.

Keynote speaker: Jan Vreeburg, Director Alliances at KLM
As Director Alliances at KLM Jan Vreeburg operates within one of the largest commercial airline companies in the world. In managing a vast network of partners all around the world, Jan has learnt the value of strategic alliances and how much good can come of a successful partner network. Jan Vreeburg will explain how he attempts to use strategic alliances to broaden the range of products KLM offers.

Date & time:
Wednesday November 25th, 17.00 – 18.30

Virtual Round Table

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