Vision Dinner | The Future of Credit Management

Digitalisation of credit management has gained momentum and the traditional craftsmanship has come to a point where it needs to reinvent itself and travel down the digital route.  To reap the benefits of digitalisation credit managers need to adapt and become more agile in their ways of working. A new skillset that meets the innovative applications of disruptive technologies should be acquired. Accordingly, the efficiency of new and emerging technologies can be harnessed by generating continuous reskilling and upskilling of employees. Join the Vision Dinner with Vattenfall and Signify and discuss how your credit management strategy can reach new levels. 

Speaker: Martin Neef, Head of Payment & Collections at Vattenfall

Knowing the customer is at the heart of Vattenfall’s credit management strategy. In order to be capable of better understanding customers and their reasons (not) to pay, Vattenfall introduced a data driven way of working. With insights and predictions gained from data, Vattenfall started to decide for each and every customer what the next step in the collection process will be.

Please note that we take into account the coronavirus guidelines and that this event will only be organised as long as we can do it safely and in accordance with the guidelines.

Date & time:
Thursday September 3rd, 17:30 – 20:30

Utrecht area

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