Manufacturing the Future: customer-oriented production at Terberg

Adapting to industry 4.0 has many advantages such as cost savings, increased production rates and improved product quality. It allows manufacturers to obtain customer insights and to adapt products to their customers’ needs. In line with this, Terberg focusses their business lines on a new client – manufacturer relationship in which custom-made products are the new standard. What are the major challenges that lie ahead for manufacturers? How can your organisation anticipate for industry 4.0 and benefit from it?

On the 4th of February, we will visit the Terberg site in Benschop for a presentation and a guided tour by Rob van Hove, Managing Director of Terberg Benschop. During the program, you will explore different applications of Industry 4.0 at Terberg and get the opportunity to discuss and be inspired by different strategies in manufacturing.

Speaker: Rob van Hove, Managing Director at Royal Terberg Benschop

Rob van Hove is Managing Director at Terberg Benschop since September 2016. During the meeting, Rob van Hove will provide insights into the customer-oriented production processes at Terberg Benschop and the organisation’s focus on innovation, customer intimacy and assembly. Additionally, Rob will show how Terberg anticipates for the future by implementing autonomous driving in their products.

Datum / tijd

Dinsdag 04 januari 2020,  13:30 – 17:30


Terberg, Benschop

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