Improving ASICS’ Data Management in a non-perfect world

Data provides a wealth of opportunities for organizations to deliver innovative customer experiences, interpret complex information and can be the source of a competitive advantage. Data stakeholders across industries are aware that this increasing importance of data requires an effective data management strategy. However, for most data teams the hardest challenge is not only to cope with the exponentially increasing amount of data, but also how to convince the business and the board of the possible advantages of mastering your data. Defining data solutions into financial terms, and executing an effective data management strategy can be challenging. Therefore we would like to invite you to a unique “Vision Dinner”, an event jointly hosted by Informatica and Deloitte on the 4th of February, to discuss your insights and experiences to get inspired.

Speaker: Marielle van den Boogaard, Global Director Master Data Management, ASICS, the Netherlands

Marielle van den Boogaard joined ASICS in 2017, following a long career in IT and Finance. Within ASICS she is responsible for developing and executing the Master Data Improvement Program, next to her responsibilities of the day to day Master Data Management operations. During the Vision Dinner, Marielle will share the next steps in the program with you. She will share examples, tips and tricks to get your own program in the boardroom and make it a success.

Datum / tijd

Dinsdag 04 februari 2020,  17:30 – 20:30


Regio Utrecht

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