Vision Dinner | met CTO Picnic

In the warehouse of the future, processes are being performed by systems and executed automatically. An algorithm is capable of performing predictions based on pattern recognition and data-analysis. Computers and machines will be able to make decisions that resemble and even transcend intelligent decisions. AI can be applied in the supply chain to control inventory, produce logistical schedules and  perform cost calculations. What future prospects does AI offer and how can the benefits already be applied advantageously?

Key note speaker: Daniel Gebler, CTO at Picnic

Daniel Gebler is the CTO of Picnic since its early days. In 3 years he built an e-commerce supply chain which stretches through the entirety of the Netherlands and parts of Germany.  Daniel is responsible for all digital technology within Picnic and makes sure the IT systems communicate and automate processes to have the supply chain work as effectively as possible.

Key note speaker: Paul Winsor, General Manager Retail at DataRobot

Paul Winsor is the General Manager of Retail for DataRobot. He has been a leader in the industry for more than 30 years. Previous to working for DataRobot, Paul spent 19 years in several senior roles at Sainsbury’s, the 2nd largest UK retailer focused on data-driven strategic objectives.Paul has also led the Retail business practice for database and analytics-related software leading technologies before moving into the AI sector. His expertise lies in helping retailers embrace AI and leverage data to improve profitability, grow and become more efficient and customer-focused

Tijd & datum:
Dinsdag 28 januari, 17.30-20.30

Regio Utrecht

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