Flevum Chief Talk

Digital Transformation Part 3

Join Ronald den Elzen | CDO & CTO | Heineken & Jurre Mulder | CDO & CIO | Intergamma in the third part of this Flevum Chief Talk episode 2 on digitalisation. In this part, they discuss the exciting marketing-possibilities digitalisation has to offer.

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Digital Transformation Part 3
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Digitale Transformatie Deel 2
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What is Chief Talk?

Flevum Chief Talk is a video-interview show in which two or three “Chiefs” jointly discuss a topic from their own experience. Speakers will consecutively present the issues and statements with the help of cards. In this way, a discussion is initiated and each expert can present his or her own vision and holdbacks on the topic.


Flevum prepares the speakers for the content and sets up the conversation-leading issues. As the last part of the conversation, we ask each speaker to present an issue within a surprising topic that is not directly in the field of expertise of the other speaker(s). We strive for an authentic conversation between thought leaders and make sure our Chief Talks are open conversations.

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