Finance and Procurement

Finance and Procurement

The role of finance in organisations cross-industry is rapidly changing. Instead of being solely responsible for the financial viability of organisations, finance is becoming an enabling factor for operations and innovation, increasingly integrating technological advances. An example of this is concerns the Risks and Regulations that go hand in hand with novel business models built around consumer data.

In this theme, we focus on experience-driven knowledge exchanges that outline the latest developments in the CFO office cross-industry, whilst providing an understanding of the developing financial climate that all organisations will have to deal with.

  • Changing Role of the CFO
  • Digital Transformation
  • New Business Models

Recent examples of sessions

Do you consider participating in one of our sessions? Be inspired by previous session we had the privilege to organise with our partners.

CFO at the forefront of digital transformation

What are the opportunities for Finance Directors to foster digital transformation? CFO VodafoneZiggo explains his views.

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Employ Digital Technologies in Supply Chains. Kuehne + Nagel’s next step in logistic innovation

During this session, CFO Kuehne + Nagel's eloborates on the acceleration of digital transformation from a financial perspective.

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Because Flevum

When looking for opportunities to share knowledge and experiences with peers in your field of expertise, Flevum offers a variety of programs which allow open dialogue. Our sessions are based on undermentioned key points.


Because we want to ensure open dialogue, our sessions have a small-scaled nature. This way, we allow participants to share experiences and recently faced challenges. The group of participants varies from 10 to 25.


During our sessions, we bring together participants from various sectors and/or industries. This means participants can share their experiences with peers from other sectors and this allows participants to have a meaningful experience.

Practice-oriented speakers

Our sessions are introduced by relevant keynote speakers from top 500 companies, healthcare institutions and government institutions. The speaker presents his or her own vision regarding the subject by sharing experiences. The brief introduction will serve as a prelude to the following discussion.

Peer-to-peer & cross-learning

Our sessions focus on peer-to-peer knowledge exchange with a cross-learning character. This means executives will engage in conversation with other executives, CHRO's with CHRO's, but also IT Directors with Data Directors or Innovation Directors. By screening every application to a session, we make sure that all participants are from the same audience. This allows us to ensure peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

Chatham House Rule

To ensure open dialogue and allow participants to share succes, challenges and other experiences, our sessions are held within an enclosed environment (the Chatham House Rule applies). To be concrete, this means no recordings will be made during the session and shared information will remain private to participants.

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