Optimising productivity in financial services: Financial transformation at Athora Netherlands

February 10, 2022

During this session, Raymond Roussou will share insights on multiple aspects of this change. The main question for this session is: which fundamental organisational priorities shaped the path of Athora’s journey? You are most welcome to join this small-scaled and confidential Virtual Round Table. After the presentation, you will participate in a moderated discussion that offers room for individual insights.

The story is a testimony to how businesses across the globe are ensuring a 360-degree view of the finance ecosystem with the single version of truth with the adoption of the financials cloud.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Raymond Roussou, Athora

Arunava A. Chakrabarty, Tata Consultancy Services

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Raymond Roussou

Raymond Roussou has extensive experience in Finance & Risk, Audit and Control, having gained a significant part of it at Athora (formerly known as VIVAT). In diverse roles, Raymond has always aimed to prioritise sustainability while keeping regard of short-term performance and the satisfaction of both work force and customers. Finding effective solutions that take all parties into account is only possible with a certain out-of-the-box mentality which Raymond certainly possesses. As he perceives change as a key aspect of his work, his views on how to set appropriate goals for the future are just as interesting as his story on the transformation journey of Athora.


Arunava A. Chakrabarty

Arunava A. Chakrabarty is an experienced Growth & Transformation Leader. He is responsible for driving business outcomes for large enterprises by working as a strategic advisor to the C-Suite. Arunava works in close collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR Officer, and the Chief Supply Chain Officer personas to define their digital strategy leading to the enablement of the business transformation of their enterprises. Arunava would be setting the scene for the Athora Netherlands finance transformation journey highlighting the key elements of shared beliefs that helped TCS & Athora Netherlands to embark on the ambitious journey and make it a very successful one

Tata Consultancy Services


During the last few years, the financial services sector was forced to self-evaluate even more thoroughly than before. New ways of working emerged, as Athora Netherlands decided to launch a financial transformation. All operations became cloud-native, labour-intensive tasks were taken over by robotics and AI/ML applications, while continuously taking customer needs into consideration However, this shift had to be agreed upon and corresponded with both internal management and all related partners. Athora is now one of the first to shift to the cloud while also implementing IFRS standards.


16:00 - 17:30


Virtual Round Table for Finance Directors

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