Beyond the pay check | ADG Dienstengroep on the blue collar market and their employees

April 19, 2023

During this Vision Dinner, Daan Hendriks, CFO of ADG Dienstengroep, will share his vision on challenges and opportunities in the service economy. How does labour shortage influence his work as CFO? How to reshape the portfolio to remain relevant and maximize profitability in the future, and how does ADG reshape the relationship between employer and employee? Daan Hendriks will discuss the dilemmas that come with the financial management of a blue-collar company group, ensuring a stimulating discussion and meaningful insights. We cordially invite you to attend this event.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Daan Hendrik, ADG Dienstengroep

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Daan Hendrik


Daan Hendriks joined ADG Dienstengroep in 2019 and was appointed as CFO in June 2021. Mr. Hendriks started his career at ABN AMRO in 2005 and filled several managerial positions before joining Metyis as partner in 2015. He holds a degree in Strategic Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam

ADG Dienstengroep

At ADG, tens of thousands hard-working people with the most diverse backgrounds roll up their sleeves every day. They move mountains of work and are important links in the Dutch economy. It is precisely the doers in our society that ensure that plans are carried out. This recognition is characteristic of all companies within ADG. We are proud that all these people choose to work for us and we radiate that.


ADG Dienstengroep has its origins in the cleaning company Asito, founded in 1952 by Joop van Riemsdijk. After 70 years this company has grown into ADG which holds 12 companies and 42.000 employees, yet remains 100% family-owned. As a true blue-collar company, ADG is solely built on the service deployed by their employees. But how do you remain an attractive employer in times of a labour shortage? And which financial challenges does a blue-collar company bring? CFO Daan Hendriks foresees challenge in finding new employees, but also prides himself in ADG’s approach to sustainable development goals and employee support. With a third of employees within the cleaning business having their wage garnished at least once, Hendriks’ role as CFO calls for a combination of financial analysis with a social approach.


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