Unlocking sustainable and transparent supply chains | Ecosystem optimisation and traceability at Lely & tex.tracer

November 22, 2022

During this Hybrid Round Table, Gerlof van den Haak and Bart Westerman will share their vision on overcoming their respective challenges. Bart shares his journey towards verified transparency and traceability for the fashion supply chain. With the use of Blockchain technology, tex.tracer ensures that all stakeholders in the ecosystem can trust the entered supply chain data, manage their risk more efficiently, and gain more insight into possible operational friction points. Gerlof will touch upon the role of technology and data, and the necessity of relationship management across the entire supply chain. After the initial presentation, you will participate in a moderated discussion, facilitated by Margreet Rijken. You are most welcome to join!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Bart Westerman, tex.tracer

Gerlof van den Haak, Lely

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Bart Westerman

CEO and Founder

Bart has an extensive career within the fashion industry, partly built up in China and Hong Kong. Building on personal, and societal engagement, he launched several sustainable initiatives within the industry over the course of his career. tex.tracer is a platform that creates verified transparency in the fashion supply chain. The platform gives insights into the product's journey, from material source to retail, enabling both brands and consumers to make educated decisions.


Gerlof van den Haak

Director Operations

Gerlof has extensive experience managing operational processes in an international environment and a proven track record in World Class Operations and Change Management. Gerlof started his career at FrieslandCampina and held diverse operations roles at, amongst others, Nedschroef, Gemco and AGCO. He joined Lely in 2018, where he focuses on elements such as process optimisation and stakeholder management. Lely's ambition is to develop innovative solutions for cows and farmers in order to excel in sustainable milk production to feed the world. Gerlof will share Lely’s best practices for cooperation with the almost 300 suppliers in the supply chain and how to improve insights, efficiency and sustainability.



The energy crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, resource scarcity: recent crises have severely tested global supply chain systems. They exist next to other large ecological and societal challenges. Consumers get more conscious of what they buy whilst governments are introducing more legislation on improving the environmental, ethical and social conditions in many areas. Imagine being a manufacturer that delivers high-end robotics with thousands of components, promising to deliver within eight weeks. Or a fashion brand that seeks to improve both the ecological and societal aspects of its products but struggles to gain proper insight into its suppliers' ecosystem. What tools and processes are needed to improve this? And how do you reach sustainability goals in the midst of disruptive crises?


Location: De Heeren van Montfoort Hoogstraat 41, 3417 HB Montfoort

16:00 - 17:30


Event for directors Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations and IT

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