Nurturing an Inclusive Culture | The Diversity & Inclusion program within Erasmus MC

April 11, 2023

During this Vision Meeting, Arfan Ikram, Arianne van Dalen and Mario Buijk will share their lessons learned regarding the D&I Taskforce and the journey of Erasmus MC. After their presentation, there is a moderated discussion with them and the other participants. You are most welcome to join!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Arfan Ikram, ErasmusMC

Arianne van Dalen, ErasmusMC

Mario Buijk, ErasmusMC

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Arfan Ikram

Professor of Epidemiology and chair of the Taskforce D&I

Arfan is Professor and Chair of Epidemiology at the department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Besides, he is also adjunct professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. Moreover, he is principal investigator of the Rotterdam Study and a key collaborator in the CHARGE (Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology) consortium. And he is the chairman of the Taskforce D&I at the Erasmus MC.


Arianne van Dalen

Policy Advisor Diversity & Inclusion

Arianne works at Erasmus MC as policy advisor Diversity & Inclusion and secretary of the Taskforce D&I. Before, she fulfilled diverse HR roles at ING. Erasmus MC wishes to offer all people a safe, open environment with equal opportunities, irrespective of gender, cultural background, or religion. In her role, Arianne aims to give meaning to that mission through vision, policy and implementation (as project leader). By creating awareness, initiating dialogue, and offering tools and inspiration she fosters the inclusion movement together with her team.


Mario Buijk

Ombudsman Social Safety

Mario has been working within Erasmus MC for over 26 years. He fulfilled diverse roles from organisation advisor to team coach. In his current role as ombudsman of social security, he aims to contribute to the social secure environment for employees and strengthen the culture of social security and integrity. Social security is is needed to foster of Diversity & Inclusion, for that reason he is member of the board of the Taskforce D&I.



Organisations should be the reflection of society in order to deal with the challenges that their stakeholders face. Erasmus MC plays a crucial role in the multicultural city of Rotterdam and aims to serve the 170 nationalities in an inclusive way. To make this possible, Erasmus MC started a Taskforce to promote D&I and integrate Diversity, Equality and Inclusion into one standardised vision. However, it has proven to be difficult to break cultural patterns and develop a new inclusive corporate identity within an organisation with over 15,000 employees.


Location: Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
15:30 - 18:30


Event for corporate members and Directors in HR and Diversity & Inclusion

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  • If applicable, our partners will be presented with every application.
  • During all our sessions, the Chatham House Rule applies. This means that the participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. This means that no report, no photos and no recordings are made of the meeting. The presentation will also not be distributed to the participants afterwards.

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