A Tale of Two Cities: The Energy Transition at ENVIEM | The challenges of change

March 21, 2023

During the first session for 2023 for Flevum’s Platform Energy Transition, Carlo Binken, CFO of ENVIEM, will discuss his active role in the energy transition at ENVIEM, showing the necessity but also the deep financial complexity of being the change. After Carlo’s presentation, you will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and lessons learned with Carlo and the other participants. You are most welcome to join us and start the year with some new insights into the Energy Transition!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Carlo Binken, Enviem

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Carlo Binken


Carlo Binken started as CFO of ENVIEM in March 2021. Prior to joining ENVIEM, he filled several financial positions, such as CFO positions at Wellinq (a Bencis private equity company) , Dura Vermeer Infra, ISS the Netherlands, Heijmans Infra and Strategy and M&A Director at Engie Netherlands. Carlo is also a board member of the NFVE (The Dutch CFO association), and advisor for Glasaal Volendam.


Jeroen Kanselaar

Manager ESG

As manager ESG at Eurofiber, Jeroen Kanselaar is responsible for realising the Group’s sustainability ambitions. Jeroen previously advised various companies at board level with preparing their sustainability strategies and policies and now focuses on the energy transition. Eurofiber is a provider of open digital infrastructure in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Utilising its 61.700 km fiberoptic network and 11 datacenters, Eurofiber provides smart, open, future-proof cloud infrastructure and connectivity solutions to companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations.



Multi-brand company ENVIEM (TinQ, Gulf and Transnational Blenders), exists of several divisions in the fuel and energy industry. The company sells fuels and produces lubricants, but also collects and processes (oil) waste, sells (renewable) energy and creates new energy concepts. These activities seem contradictory: are you not biting the hand that feeds you? CFO Carlo Binken has a clear vision of the future of the family-owned business.


Location: Utrecht area
15:30 - 18:30

More information will follow soon.


Chief Financial Officers, Chiefs New Energy and Chiefs Energy Transition

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