Working towards future-proof security at Rijkswaterstaat

October 11, 2023

During this dinner, Milo will delve deeper into IT & OT security at Rijkswaterstaat. Within ongoing renovation projects, they aim to boost the digital infrastructure to make it future-proof, considering developments with sensors, without compromising the security of Rijkswaterstaat's assets. With corporate liability as a component, the increasing importance of security, and growing awareness, Milo will first share how Rijkswaterstaat deals with NIS2. Then, Milo will demonstrate how they proactively create opportunities for cybersecurity through security by design. How do they ensure secure developments and embed security in primary processes? How do you ensure business continuity during changes? And how do you set the right priorities for various stakeholders and budgets? You are cordially invited to participate!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Milo Mooij, Rijkswaterstaat

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Milo Mooij

Afdelingshoofd Security Center

Milo has been working at Rijkswaterstaat since 2019 and has been the Head of the Security Center since February 2023. After completing his studies in technical business administration, he embarked on a career path that led him through ORMIT, Uniqema, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and SSC-ICT before joining Rijkswaterstaat. As a technical business administrator, he has a broad interest in organizations, their missions, people, ICT, and technology. He has extensive experience in leadership and advisory roles within various government ICT execution organizations at various levels. His commitment is rooted in an intrinsic drive for improvement and the smart application of technology, while keeping a keen eye on people, collaboration, and alignment with (strategic) objectives.



The roads, tunnels, bridges, and locks in the Netherlands are indispensable for our society and are heavily used. Rijkswaterstaat's current major challenge is the renovation of both physical infrastructure and IT systems, which are in an outdated state. During renovations, systems must be kept operational while being updated simultaneously. It is essential in this context that new IT and cybersecurity tools are future-proof, considering the opportunities and risks associated with automation. But how do you ensure business continuity during these changes? What is the recovery plan in case of a system hack: how do you safeguard society's safety? Additionally, during all these transformations, how do you prioritize effectively for various stakeholders and budgets?


Location: Restaurant HFSLG, Bosch en Duin

17:30 | Start program (including presentation, discussion and a 3-course dinner)
20:30 | End of formal program, opportunity for informal networking


Cybersecurity Executives

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  • Deelnemers moeten voldoen aan de eerder beschreven doelgroep.
  • Indien we deze sessie gezamenlijk met partners organiseren, worden aanmeldingen ook aan hen voorgelegd.
  • Tijdens al onze sessies is de Chatham House Rule van toepassing. Concreet betekent dit dat de deelnemers vrij zijn om de ontvangen informatie te gebruiken, maar noch de identiteit noch de connectie van de spreker(s), noch die van andere deelnemers, mag worden onthuld. Dit betekent dat er geen verslag, geen foto's en geen opnames worden gemaakt van de bijeenkomst. Ook de presentatie zal achteraf niet worden verspreid onder de deelnemers
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