Navigating Uncertainty: Insights on Risk, Resilience, and Crisis Management | Virtual Round Table with Anne Bergmans, Researcher at University of Antwerp

December 12, 2023

Get the latest academic insights from the field of risk, business continuity and resilience from expert speaker Anne Bergmans: a seasoned safety and resilience lecturer at the University of Antwerp involved in Safety Sciences. In her work, Anne emphasizes the importance of addressing uncertainty alongside risk, mainly focusing on how people deal with uncertainty within an organization. Her research has provided insights on thinking in terms of risks, cautioning against the illusion of complete control which can create blind spots and lead to unexpected events.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Anne Bergmans, University of Antwerp

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Anne Bergmans


Anne Bermans' research is dynamic and constantly evolving and encompasses areas such as industrial safety and addressing safety issues in the workplace. Anne has been involved in the Master of Safety Sciences program for over a decade, teaching subjects such as safety and resilience and delving into various theories of crisis management and risk mitigation.

University of Antwerp


In today's high-pressure environment, overly optimistic risk assessments can overshadow the stress people face and make organizations less resilient in the face of crises. Anne Bergmans therefore advocates maintaining a realistic and meaningful approach to uncertainty, recognizing that there cannot be a backup plan for everything. She highlights the need for building resilience within normal operations, ensuring the capacity to handle unexpected events. Buffer capacity is crucial, yet it is often diminishing due to, among other, financial constraints, leaving us in a perpetual state of crisis. The question then arises: should we operate in crisis mode constantly?


Location: Microsoft Teams

16:00 - 17:30


Responsibles for Crisis, Security, Continuity & Resilience

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