Keep hackers out – Practical case from Radboud UMC for education

March 28, 2023

During this Vision Dinner, Sander Vols, CISO of Radboud UMC, will share his experiences in dealing with and preventing successful hacks. In doing so, he relies on a broad experience of not only information security but also knowledge and expertise regarding intelligence and the detection of cybercriminals. Are you curious about his experiences and vision? Would you like to learn more from a case study from another industry and gain new ideas? You are most welcome! After the presentation, there is room for extensive discussion and interaction with Sander and the other participants.

  • Kleinschalige peer sessie
  • Open dialoog door de Chatham House Rule

Sander Vols, Radboud UMC

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Sander Vols

Chief Information Security Officer, Information Management

Before Sander came down as CISO at Radboud UMC in 2020, he worked for a long time for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, among others. Within the Economic Security cluster, he was a close adviser to the Minister and worked closely with the various intelligence and security services. The knowledge and experiences he gained there offer him a unique set of skills for his role at Radboud UMC.

Radboud UMC


The risk of cyber attacks is increasing. Although considerable investments are made in security, it can still happen that cybercriminals get in, with all the consequences that entail. From that moment on, several challenges arise, for both the long and short term: what is the impact of the hack? How do you trace the cause? How were we in the game before the hack? What measures are we taking to prevent such situations as much as possible in the future?


Location: WebEX
16:00 - 17:30


Responsible for security, data and IT

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