Future-proof security in banking. How Rabobank strives for a future-proof cyber security organisation

October 12, 2021

Would you like to learn more about Mimoent Haddouti’s experience at Rabobank and are you interested in discussing this topic with peers? Then we would like to welcome you to this event.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Mimoent Haddouti

Global Head First Line Risk & Security, CISO

Mimoent Haddouti currently holds the position of Global Head First Line Risk & Security and the role of Chief Information Security Officer at Rabobank. She has a wide range of responsibilities related to global cyber security, business continuity, and the risk management within Rabobank’s largest domain IT and operations. She started her career at Rabobank in her early twenties, she has held various (senior management) positions ever since. Among her accomplishments throughout the years are several awards for her leadership and management style. In addition, Mimoent contributes to creating equal opportunities in society. As one of the founders of the Power4Talent foundation, she is actively involved and committed to reducing the distance to the labour market for MBO students (secondary vocational education). In 2021, Mimoent joined the Cultural Advisory Board of the University of Amsterdam and was appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of ECP | Information Society Platform, contributing to 'Growing a better (digital) world together', along with her many other initiatives as CISO.


Financial losses, trust and credibility are at stake when it comes to the cyber security of banks. Therefore, it is no surprise that cyber security is the top priority of today’s banking world. However, rapidly evolving technologies and ever increasing regulatory requirements make it difficult to keep cyber security practices prepared for the future. Hence, Rabobank strives for continuous improvement in order to ensure resilient and future-proof cyber security organisation.


Mimoent Haddouti is responsible for global cyber security at Rabobank. During this Virtual Round Table, she will talk about how Rabobank is responding to the dynamic threat landscape and regulatory environment, while striving towards a security organisation that enables change in a responsible and secure way. How to go about this?


15.55 | Dial in on Teams meeting
16.00 | Start Virtual Round Table
17.30 | End


CISOs, Directors Fraud & Prevention

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