Managing the unknowns How Ahold Delhaize ensures Business Continuity & Resilience

January 19, 2022

During this Virtual Round Table, John Fonteijn will elaborate on Ahold Delhaize’s approach to these complex tasks. John’s extensive past experiences and his future vision will contribute to a complete insight into Ahold Delhaize’s business continuity management.

After John’s presentation you will enter a small-scale, moderated discussion with John and the other participants. The Chatham House Rule applies to this session to ensure all participants can share their thoughts freely. Join this conversation on 19 January. Participation is free of charge.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

John Fonteijn, Ahold Delhaize

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John Fonteijn

As Head of Global Asset Protection & Business Continuity Management, John Fonteijn is responsible for the implementation of strategies and control frameworks aimed to protect staff, customers and company assets, and ensuring continuity of critical business processes. With 36 years in security and business continuity at Ahold Delhaize, John Fonteijn has experienced many different incidents and new trends and developments. Now, he would like to share his experience with peers and start the conversation around this relevant topic.

Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize consists of different independent, local brands. This group structure makes it more challenging to analyse risks, develop common guidelines and to quickly react to large scale incidents.


During these volatile times, the importance of solid business continuity and resilience management has become evident for many companies. Adequately reacting to current incidents while preparing for the unknown future is crucial now more than ever to keep employees, customers and company assets safe. But how do you stay flexible as a large, international company like Ahold Delhaize?


15:55 hour | Dial-in
16:00 hour | Start Virtual Round Table
17:30 hour | End


Directors Crisis, Security, Business Continuity & Resilience Management

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