Building digital resilience. ForFarmers’ cyber security strategy

June 16, 2021

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are increasingly common and the impact on business continuity is significant. Cyber resilience is more important than ever. Organizations that have good insight into their processes and systems are at the forefront, because they can see risks faster and therefore act faster.

But how do you build strong digital resilience? In this Virtual Round Table, Johan Rambi will show you how this is done at ForFarmers.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
  • Insights in ForFarmers' cyber security strategy
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Johan Rambi

Group Security Officer

Johan has been Group Security Officer at ForFarmers since 2018 and is responsible for IT / OT security, physical security and data protection. Before that, he worked in various security positions at Alliander, UWV and Capgemini. Johan is also active in Europe at various expert groups and forums (including EC, ENISA, WEF, IEA, etc.). As co-founder, Johan founded the European Energy ISAC (EE-ISAC) in 2015 to promote international cooperation and information exchange between public and private parties.


At ForFarmers, making their IT / OT security "more mature" and aligning it with the business strategy and the chain partners in the sector are central. This within an organisation with a complex supply chain that is sensitive to cyber-attacks.


Vincent Meijer

Group CISO | Head of Information Security / Director CyberSecurity & Compliance – BeNeLux



Johan Rambi will tell you how ForFarmers has set up their IT / OT security and what challenges they face. An important issue here is how to ensure that digital resilience is seen as a priority by the board. And if this is not the case: how can you, as a Security Officer, effectively get a grip on the security risks with a lack of resources. How do you work towards a solid business case for new cyber security initiatives to limit the impact of potential cyber security damage on the business and the chain as much as possible?


16.55 | Dialing in on Teams meeting
17.00 | Start Virtual Round Table
18.30 | End


CISO’s and CIO’s

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