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July 5, 2023

During this Vision Dinner, Felix Bartelomij, Head of People Development at ABN AMRO, will talk about his organisation's approach and vision to enable personalised learning & development. Felix will elaborate on ABN AMRO's learning environment, which focuses on skill-based learning. Following the introduction by Felix, an extensive dialogue with him and the other participants follows. You are most welcome to participate!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Felix Bartelomij, ABN AMRO

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Felix Bartelomij

Head of People Development

In the 18 years that Felix Bartelomij has worked at ABN AMRO, he held various positions within HR. Since 2017, he has fulfilled the role as Head of People Development. With a team of 50 HR professionals, he strives for an inclusive work environment in which teams and individuals take charge of their own development and performance, with the organisation playing a supporting and facilitating role.



Stagnation means decline. However, everyone develops in his or her own way. Employees within organisations differ from each other in terms of personality, talents and motivations. To get the most out of a person, it is important to consider all these elements in learning and development. How do you motivate employees to take ownership of their own performance and development? And how do you challenge them to reach their full potential?


Location: De Hoefslag, Bosch en Duin

17:30 | Start program (including presentation, discussion and a 3-course dinner)
20:30 | End of formal program, opportunity for informal networking


Directors HR and Learning & Development

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  • Participants have to meet the previously described target audience.
  • If applicable, our partners will be presented with every application.
  • During all our sessions, the Chatham House Rule applies. This means that the participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. This means that no report, no photos and no recordings are made of the meeting. The presentation will also not be distributed to the participants afterwards.
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