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March 7, 2024

In a rapidly changing environment, the Province of North Brabant - like many other large organizations - faces a major challenge in keeping up with the rapid succession of data-related challenges and opportunities. The organization is confronted with various issues. How can policymakers and data experts be brought together most effectively? How can data visualization be used most efficiently? How do you handle the ethical aspects of data and digital transformation, especially with the introduction of the mandatory algorithm register? And above all, how do you ensure that new data opportunities continue to be discovered and the quality of data is guaranteed while dealing with all the other challenges?

During this Vision Dinner, Marcel Thaens, CIO at the Province of North Brabant, will delve deeper into the projects of the Province of North Brabant on the topics just described. There will be a lot of emphasis on dialogue after the presentation. You are most welcome to participate as a peer!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Marcel Thaens, Province of North-Brabant

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Marcel Thaens


Marcel Thaens has been the CIO at the Province of North Brabant since 2018, also serving as a member of the Management Board. In his role, he focuses on the digital transformation of the provincial organization as well as that of North Brabant. Prior to this, he worked as a Principal Consultant at various consulting firms, where he advised numerous public organizations, including ministries, provinces, municipalities, and water boards, on the use of data and digitization. Additionally, from 2006 to 2018, Marcel held a professorship in Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Province of North-Brabant


Policy-data collaboration | Efficient data visualization | Ethical data governance


Location: TBD

17:30 | Start program (including presentation, discussion and a 3-course dinner)
20:30 | End of formal program, opportunity for informal networking


For CIOs and Directors of Data and Digital

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  • Participants have to meet the previously described target audience.
  • If applicable, our partners will be presented with every application.
  • During all our sessions, the Chatham House Rule applies. This means that the participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. This means that no report, no photos and no recordings are made of the meeting. The presentation will also not be distributed to the participants afterwards.

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