Explainable AI to Shape the Future – ABN AMRO’s insights on Explainable AI

March 30, 2023

During this Vision Dinner, Lennart Bootsman, Head of Artificial Intelligence, will share not only share why he thinks Explainable AI is crucial but also some practical tips on how to build a model that ticks all these boxes. After his presentation, there will be an open discussion with Lennart and the other participants. You are most welcome to join!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Lennart Bootsman, ABN AMRO

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Lennart Bootsman

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Within ABN Amro, Lennart Bootsman holds the position of head of artificial intelligence. In the field of data science, he has worked for more than 8 years. Lennart has also worked in difficult and complex environments for more than 20 years, using cutting-edge technology to improve people's lives.



Working with data and various machine learning (ML) models’ is indispensable in the current and future way of working. In some cases, machine learning (ML) models’ even outperform humans. But rather than simply accepting the insights machine learning (ML) models’ provide, we should view them critically. Human work remains the base for new technology meaning it is prone to mistakes, misunderstandings or uncertainty. We need AI to provide clear explanations on its results in order to avoid severe negative impact on various stakeholders. So how do you ensure that the models you build understand what you mean during programming and how can you understand its results?


Location: TBD
17:30 - 20:30

More information will follow soon.


Directors and Managers Data, AI & Analytics

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