The strategy of ABN AMRO – Financial Restructuring & Recovery. Unlocking the power of information

24 maart 2021

During her presentation Anne Merel will elaborate on how her department is using data to create insights that can be used to forecast the financial resilience of companies in times of COVID-19. How do you determine which data to use and how do you build a business case around the analyses?

Anne Merel Oosterbroek, Head of Data & Analytics, Financial Restructuring & Recovery, ABN AMRO

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Anne Merel Oosterbroek, Head of Data & Analytics, Financial Restructuring & Recovery

Prior to joining ABN AMRO, Anne Merel worked within the analytics domain at ING & KPN and has a background in change management consulting.


ABN AMRO uses data to increase the efficiency and to improve decision making throughout the organisation. Anne Merel is the Head of Data & Analytics at the department of Financial Restructuring & Recovery. This unit bundles and uses the information to provide insights into the expected financial resilience of companies. These analyses are of vital importance to the forecasts and contribute to having more meaningful conversations with clients. Furthermore, they are used for advising the Dutch Government.


Being data-driven is the goal for most companies. During this Virtual Round Table we will have time for an extended deep dive in this topic. Additionally, we will look at the next steps of data usage. How can unstructured data such as legacy systems, decentralised storage, and unquantifiable data such as Word documents and e-mails be used in analytics-based decision making? How do you create the future of data and analytics?


16:55 | Dial in on Teams meeting
17:00 | Start program, including presentation & discussion
18:30 | End


Directors IT, Data & Analytics

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