The crucial components: The implementation of Data science within

March 23, 2022

During this Vision Dinner, Erick Webbe, Head of Data Science at, will give his vision on making data-driven decisions. Using best practices, he illustrates how successfully overcomes challenges. In doing so, he goes deeper into the balance between matters that are often given priority.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Erick Webbe,

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Erick Webbe

Erick has been active at for almost 7 years and in his current role as Head of Data Science responsible for making Data Science effective throughout the organization. Central to his work is lowering barriers for starting, implementing and scaling data-driven solutions. In his presentation, Erick not only shares the insights and learnings from the path they have taken, but also what steps the organization must take in the future to keep data central in its business operations.



To remain competitive in the rapidly growing e-commerce market, it is crucial to implement data-driven solutions: this not only leads to highly personalized marketing approaches, but also to increased efficiency and more possibilities for automation. However, adopting data science is much broader than switching to a new technology, it involves a change in thinking and problem solving. A constant factor in change is always people and their ability or lack thereof to adopt the new ways of working. So how do you make data-driven solutions “successful”? How do you move the organization along?


You are most welcome at this small-scale Vision Dinner (12 - 15 participants, Chatham House Rule). The program, including dinner, starts at 17:30 with a walk-in, an official start at 18:00 and ends at 20:30. Afterwards there is an opportunity to network and have a drink. Participation is free.

Location: Zuiver Amersfoort

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Vision Dinner for those with ultimate responsibility in the field of operations, IT and data & analytics

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