Data Consumption as a Business Imperative | Necessities for a constructive Data Initiative

November 15, 2022

During this interactive Vision Dinner, Anwar Mirza, Global Head of Data Governance at FedEx and Guy Taylor, Director of Data Science & Analytics at, will share their experiences and challenges regarding their data strategy. Anwar and Guy hold well-grounded opinions and developed unique methodologies regarding effective data consump-tion. After the presentations, the rest of the evening is reserved for open discussion with peers. We welcome you to participate in this session

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Anwar Mirza, FedEx

Guy Taylor,

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Anwar Mirza

Head of Data Strategy & Governance

Anwar Mirza is a recognized authority on the subjects of Data Governance, Master Data Management and Information Management. For the last decade, he has spoken at numerous global events. Anwar has developed unique meth-odologies, such as upgrading the DAMA framework for Data Governance and worked on a privacy Methodology before GDPR. With over 33 years of experi-ence within the parcel industry, Anwar has a proven track record across multi-ple domains, working with enterprise-wide senior business and IT management.


Guy Taylor

Director of Data Science & Analytics

Guy Taylor has experienced several cultures and technologies via his work in many or-ganisations. This has given him substantial technical ability while keeping him con-nected to both the company and the people that make it run. As a result of his experi-ences, he often speaks about data-related issues, and he is well-known among data pro-fessionals. Systems analysis, process analysis, data architecture, and data analysis are among Guy’s areas of competence.



Every organization strives to extract the full value of its data assets. However, leadership tends to go straight to the KPIs, neglecting the essential intermediate steps before data consumption. Although Strategic Business Targets are indeed imperative, upper management needs to be involved in intermediate efforts starting from the data-strategy inception. Therefore, what does it take to ultimately make the data initiative a sustainable, scalable and agile one?


Location: Utrecht area
17:30 - 20:30

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Vision Dinner for CDO, CIO, Directors Data Governance

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