AI as a solution in a crisis: the strategy of HEMA

April 7, 2021

During this session, Bas Karsemeijer, Head of Data at HEMA, will share this success story on AI and will showcase how he implemented such a big change in HEMA’s purchases and sales strategy.

Bas Karsemeijer, Head of Data, HEMA

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Bas Karsemeijer, Head of Data

For almost three years now, Bas Karsemeijer has been the Head of Data at HEMA. In this role, Bas is responsible for master data management, governance, democratisation and data science. Prior to his current role, Bas was Head of data at Yourzine and CRM manager at V&D.


At the beginning of the COVID crisis, HEMA started using AI to predict the sales of their products. In less than three weeks, HEMA’s Data team created models which accurately predicted the sales of products per shop. Empty shelves were prevented and popular products were used to boost sales via commercials and e-commerce. This new approach helped HEMA save millions of Euro’s during challenging times.


Most organisations use historical data and budgets to predict future sales and manage their inventory. The COVID crisis made this approach unreliable, since sales changed dramatically. Total sales declined, but the sales of certain products skyrocketed. How do you accurately predict this changing pattern in your sales and how do you make sure you will not end up with empty shelves in your shops? This is where AI comes in to play.


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