Balancing AI, ethics and innovation. The strategy and approach of Nationale Nederlanden

June 10, 2021

During this Virtual Round Table, Tjerrie will elaborate on his ethics framework when using data & AI technologies and he will show what this means for the data & AI initiatives of NN. After the presentation, Tjerrie will be available for an interactive discussion in which we invite you to share your experiences, thoughts and ideas.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Tjerrie Smit

Head of Data & AI

Tjerrie Smit is with NN for over 16 years and filled various positions on data such as Manager Advanced Customer Analytics. In 2020, he became Head of Data & AI. NN invests in three different areas: product-market optimalisation, process efficiency and fraud & claim analytics. Tjerrie has draw up a framework that tests the initiatives for certain criteria such as: transparency, explainability & ethics.


Digitalisation and its related techniques are transforming the world around us at high pace. In this digital world, data becomes increasingly important. This holds for NN. NN uses data to develop state of the art products and to improve personal services to customers.


The financial institution of Nationale Nederlanden continuously tries to find ways to serve her customer better and to allow employees to work more efficient. Using data and artificial intelligence play a huge part in doing so. Within NN, Tjerrie Smit is responsible for this domain and underlines the importance of optimizing the innovation opportunities that data & AI have to offer. On the other hand, he has an eye for the ethical use of data & AI. Obviously, the decisions that have their foundation in data & AI have to be reliable, honest and transparent. To this end, NN has drawn up an ethical framework deduced from the "Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI' of the European Commission.


16:55 | Call in on MS Teams meeting
17.00 | Start program including presentation & discussion
18.30 | End


Directors IT and Data & Analytics

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