Atmosphere for Growth. The Potential of Smart Buildings

October 13, 2021

During this Virtual Round Table, Willem van der Ven, Management Team Member and Senior Manager Development and at Schiphol Real Estate and Dave Vernooij, Manager Data & Information-management at Dura Vermeer, will elaborate on how Smart Building technology plays an important role within their respective organisations. After their presentations, there is a moderated discussion with both gentlemen and the other participants. You are most welcome to join!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Wilem van der Ven

Management Team Lid & Sr. Manager Development

Willem is responsible for all development activities within the real estate portfolio at Schiphol, managing the development team of developers and project managers.


Schiphol’s ambition is to use data technology to make the Airport City smart. Important challenges are: what data do you gain and use from buildings? How do people move inside those buildings? How can you use the data to improve building management or to increase sustainability?


Dave Vernooij

Manager Data & Informatie management

Dave Vernooij is responsible for digitisation in construction and real estate. Within this function he played an important role in the realisation of the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Center.


The Dura Vermeer Inspiration Center is a multifunctional building of approximately 7,500 m2 in which connecting, meeting and collaborating are central. The Inspiration Centre is as an example of what Dura Vermeer can do in the field of sustainability, digitisation and innovation in construction.


How can smart buildings support the transition to the “new normal”? Despite the desire of many to return to “the old normal”, a permanent shift in the purpose of buildings will most likely evoke change for the better. Adaptability is the keyword: smart buildings interact with the people, systems and external elements. They learn from experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt to the needs of the people and the activities within them by increasing comfort, efficiency, resiliency, safety and last but not least, sustainability.


15.55 | Dialing in on Teams meeting
16.00 | Start Virtual Round Table
17.30 | End


Operation directors, real estate en facilities

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