The office as a meeting place. New developments in Smart Buildings

June 15, 2021

By using various examples, Jan Huisman will show trends and developments in the field of Smart Buildings. Opportunities for your organisation will also be discussed during this Virtual Round Table. You will learn how data can be collected, interpreted and ultimately automated to make your building smarter or more sustainable.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Jan Huisman

Solution Consultant - Smart Buildings

Jan Huisman has worked at ENGIE for 5 years. He has been working as Solution Consultant - Smart Buildings since 2018. Jan works on a daily basis on improving and making buildings and their surroundings more sustainable. This translates into reducing the total energy consumption, increasing the real estate value through the use of smart technology, guaranteeing continuity of the primary process and the use of real-time (functional) data. His main goal is to improve the performance of buildings and the well-being and effectiveness of people.


ENGIE wants to take the lead in sustainable change in the commercial real estate market through the realisation of climate-positive buildings, scalable infrastructures and sustainable environment solutions. The increasing demand for flexible and sustainable office accommodation, new ways of working, the well-being of employees and costs and energy-saving measures are all part of this.


The function of buildings is rapidly changing. People are less and less bound by time and place. Trends that emerge are the office as a meeting place and conference room. This has a major impact on corporate real estate and the use of the workplace. The focus is shifting from cost savings to value creation and from building management to an optimal user experience. This transition from a traditional to a smart and healthy building is not easy. Companies are reluctant when it comes to decisions making and investing and properly assessing the consequences of the workplace after corona is difficult.

Jan Huisman has supervised many different projects and sees a change in how people look at the function of buildings. During this Virtual Round Table he will share his experiences at ENGIE.


16.55 | Dialing in on Teams meeting
17.00 | Start Virtual Round Table
18.30 | End


Operation directors, real estate and facilities

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