GasTerra in Energy Transition: Ambition is only the beginning

March 17, 2021

During his presentation, Flip will reflect on his role as financial director of one of the largest players in the “old” energy infrastructure and will explain how his organisation is committed to the energy transition.

Flip van Koten, CFO, Gasterra

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Flip van Koten, CFO

Flip van Koten has held various commercial and financial positions at ExxonMobil in the Netherlands, England, America and Qatar since. He was a member of GasTerra's Supervisory Board and Advisory Committee of Shareholders. Flip van Koten took office as COO on 1 April 2016 and as CFO on 1 October 2017.


As a gas trader, GasTerra has an important connection with gas extraction in Groningen. Due to the government's decision to stop these activities, GasTerra will cease to exist in 2024. How does a traditional natural gas company like GasTerra grasp the challenges of the energy transition?


The Dutch energy sector is facing major challenges. The cabinet has committed to working towards sustainable energy supply in the upcoming years. This has major consequences for the traditional energy markets and players in the Netherlands and Europe. New strategic objectives and principles are changing the dynamics in this market. For example, even the consolidated gas market in the Netherlands is subject to change. The ambition to complete the energy transition is there, but more is needed to ensure that organizstions can achieve these ambitions.


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Board Members and Directors from the pubic and private sector

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