The Power of Personal: How AkzoNobel’s Digital Transformation Creates Value for Company and Customers

May 29, 2024

AkzoNobel strives to become the digital leader in the paints and coatings industry, delivering seamless personalized digital customer experiences.

Michel Claassens, Global Head of Digital Solutions at AkzoNobel (previous Global Head of Digital Marketing and eCommerce), is one of the key leaders embodying that change. At the forefront of this digital transformation is the company's hybrid commercial B2C & B2B approach that aims to improve customers' experience and make possible even further collaborations between vendors, customers, and employees.

Michel Claassens, AkzoNobel

Marco Fredriksen, Full Force Digital

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Michel Claassens

Global Head of Digital Marketing and eCommerce

Michel Claassens, with over 20 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, is currently shaping new frontiers as Global Head of Digital Solutions at AkzoNobel.

He has won the Digital Case study Award ISG in 2021 and collected a variety of prestigious awards in his previous roles at Signify, Philips Lighting and NXP Semiconductors. Additionally, AkzoNobel has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan as 2023 Global Company of the Year Award based on their holistic digital transformation approach as a leading global paints and coatings manufacturer under his leadership.

Contributing valuable insights to the industry; with a strategic digital focus, his skillset reaches from Product Marketing and Management to Marketing Strategy and Communications.

Alongside his impressive resume, he is also a professional coach, specialised in career development and work-life balance.


Eric van der Hoeven

Founder & Digital Accelerator

Eric van der Hoeven, with executive experience in marketing, sales, and business development and general management, is redefining digital business designs at Full Force Digital as one of the Founding Partners.

Considered a global business booster, he was featured on Forbes Middle East in his role as CEO of Danone Nutricia – Early Life Nutrition – ME.
Van der Hoeven has been a business leader in the Middle East, Hungary, Romania, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands; with his last role as Vice President for a Danone division where he was responsible for global sales and digital transformation.
Since having co-founded Full Force Digital in 2019, he has worked with customers like Heineken, Rituals, and Louwman.

He has a passion for understanding the impact of digital content, data, and technology on business and organization.
Creating a boutique consultancy with a strong learning culture, unique positioning and receiving an FD Gazelle award for fast growth is creating energy to continue to improve.

Full Force Digital

Marco Fredriksen

Founding Partner & Digital Accelerator

Marco Fredriksen, as a founding partner and digital accelerator at Full Force Digital, is a digital architect for business and technology, where he helps clients design innovations and tailored business results within the digital domain. With a great passion for combining art and science in business- and marketing innovation products, he realizes 'digital commercial engines' with a strong focus on content and data to achieve the best customer experiences and conversions.

Creating a boutique consultancy with a strong learning culture, unique positioning and receiving an FD Gazelle award for fast growth is creating energy to continue to improve.

Full Force Digital


AkzoNobel's digital transformation journey has earned them the company Frost & Sullivan's '2023 Best Practices Award for Global Digital Transformation in Coatings'.

Join us at this Vision Dinner to learn from Michel's experiences and to participate in the discussion with Michel and the other participants.


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