The Customer Experience optimization at Sunweb-Group

9 November 2021

During this Virtual Round Table, Brenda van Leeuwen and Sandy Zwanepol Klinkmeijer of Sunweb Group (including Sunweb, Eliza was Here, Gogo, Primavera) will take you through the transformation Sunweb has undergone in the past year and a half. They deal with purely organizational questions, but also Sunweb's approach to create added value from data for the customer experience and internal optimization.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Brenda van Leeuwen

Chief Digital Officer

Since February 2020, Brenda has been Chief Digital Officer at Sunweb Group, where she immediately faced the biggest challenge of her career. Within her position she brings old and new forms of marketing together through IT. Brenda previously worked at Philips for over two decades and took the lead as CEO at Eurail, where she initiated the transformation from startup to scale-up.



Sandy Zwanepol-Klinkmeijer

Head of Customer Experience

Sandy is specialized in Marketing & CRM strategy, customer experience, loyalty, customer intelligence & customer contact programs. In the search for data & intelligence talent to reorganize and innovate Sunweb, Sandy emerged as the ideal candidate. Within Sunweb, Sandy is Brenda's right-hand in optimizing Sunweb's customer experience. Sandy previously worked in similar roles for Louwman & Parqui and De Bijenkorf, among others.



Digitalization during the pandemic: how do you turn a disaster into an opportunity as a travel organization? Sunweb Group used the intensive contact with the traveler in the past eighteen months to greatly improve its customer experience. Digitialization and the broad use of customer data played an important role in this. This was also badly needed: during the pandemic, the customer experience was given many extra dimensions with highly variable situations that Sunweb Group had to be able to anticipate quickly. The digital transformation that started shortly before the global crisis was forced to accelerate and now forms a stable foundation for the future.


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Directors Marketing, eCommerce & Digital

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