Customer-centric innovation of Marketing in Digital Transformation | Lessons learned from LeasePlan

November 15, 2022

During this Vision Dinner, Elena Enthoven, Head of Customer Engagement at LeasePlan, will share insights regarding the organisation’s digital transformation journey. She will discuss how digital marketing optimises the customer experience for more engagement and growth, and how they created customer journeys to bring visibility and direction for LeasePlan’s digital experience in general and marketing specifically. By combining experience, brand, people, process, data, and technology, Digital Marketing at LeasePlan supports the creation of scalable, contextual, intuitive, and emotionally appealing experiences that align with their brand. After her presentation, there is a moderated discussion with Elena and the other participants.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Elena Enthoven, LeasePlan

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Elena Enthoven

Head of Customer Engagement

Elena Enthoven works at LeasePlan for over 5 years. She is responsible for the global execution of the Customer Engagement Strategy which aims to drive sustainable growth and service excellence. Elena, together with her team, introduces new innovative products and digital features to the market. She is passionate about boosting growth and customer value through modern marketing.



Do organisational silos and frictions stop you from identifying the root causes behind the pain points along the customer journey? Internal, as well as external partner customer alignment, is required for its unification. However, this proves to be difficult, especially in large, global, and dynamic organisations. LeasePlan is a corporate global business that grew organically over the years and whereby all the different systems, teams, and customer journey interactions were separated from each other and based on specific situations. How did they become a digital business with harmonised systems?


Location: Utrecht area
17:30 - 20:30

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Event for directors in (Digital) Marketing and Customer Experience

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