Forward Thinking in eCommerce | How ABN AMRO is simultaneously personal and digital

November 8, 2022

During this Vision Dinner, Ada Jong, Director eCommerce & Engagement Channel and Services at ABN AMRO, will share her perspectives on scaling up eCommerce and the focus on digital first and digital only from a channel and personal perspective. Ada believes people should be able to manage their banking affairs effortlessly at a suitable time. Giving back control to peoples' finances and reducing being dependent on an advisor or, even worse, a process. Reduce friction and make mobile banking easy, understandable, accessible, and safe, with as much of our customer’s data in a customer-friendly way. Moreover, after the presentation, Ada will start the discussion about headless commerce by sharing her perspectives. You are most welcome to join the conversation!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Ada Jong, ABN-AMRO

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Ada Jong

Director eCommerce & Engagement Channel and Services

Ada Jong works for over six years at ABN AMRO and is currently responsible for four teams: Digital Channel, Digital Service, DFC/ODD, and the Specialty Hub. Working for all Business Lines of the bank, Ada’s team is a One Bank team with customer and product agnostic deliverables, where the challenge is to scale up where the organisation is becoming more and more efficient. Ada strives to maximise adoption of the digital domain, increase self-service and improve data quality. With her drive for excellence and exploring new ways of thinking, she inspires others and works on improvements with an eye on the future.



The digital transformation shift from physical to digital business models has changed customer relationships and expectations. Shortening the time to market and optimising CX is important to obtain a competitive advantage. How can eCommerce and sales channels be set up so that customers return? ABN AMRO has closed many offices but for its customer experience, they aspire to be a personal bank in the digital age.


Location: Amsterdam / Utrecht area
17:30 - 20:30

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Event for directors in eCommerce and Digital

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