Customer Engagement Network Netherlands | The customer journey of RAI Amsterdam

April 20, 2021

During her presentation Eline will talk about The ‘customer journey’ of an event. RAI Amsterdam did research on the perfect customer journey of an event and how to improve this journey.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
  • Part of Flevum's Customer Engagement Network Netherlands platform
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Eline Deijs

Director Marketing & Digital

Eline Deijs is working for more than four years at RAI Amsterdam. She is responsible for the worldwide marketing (online and offline, b2b and b2c) and she restructured the Marketing IT infrastructure into Best-of-Breed based systems.


RAI Amsterdam is an event-, convention- and exhibitioncomplex in Amsterdam-South. RAI Amsterdam provides over 50 international conventions and 70 exhibitions each year. When Eline started at RAI Amsterdam, she did research on ‘customer journey’ among three customergroups (visitors, organisers and exhibitors) . Using GAP analyses, she has made improvements per component. To improve the customer experience, RAI Amsterdam has sought cooperation between the Marketing and IT. The GAP analyses has been the base for the roadmap for innovation.


If the customer journey of is perfect, the impact of an event can be increased. During this Virtual Round Table we will have time for an extended deep dive in this topic. We will talk about how to improve the customer journey and how to make an event as successfull as possible. How can you reach the goal you want as a host of an event? How can you make sure the visitors have an optimal experience? When is an event a success and how can you reach the biggest impact?


16:55 | Dial in on Teams meeting
17:00 | Start program, including presentation & discussion
18:30 | End


Directors Marketing, -customer experience, Digital & Innovation

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