Keeping Customers Secure From Connected Lights to a Connected Home | The (Customer) Identity & Access Management Journey of Signify’s Philips Hue

June 27, 2024

During this Vision Dinner on the 27th of June, Leon Bouwmeester and Korjan van Wieringen will take us through their goals, Signify’s security strategy and the customer identity & access management journey. You are most welcome to join the discussion as we explore these exciting topics.

Leon Bouwmeester, Signify

Korjan van Wieringen, Q42

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Leon Bouwmeester

Head of Hue platform cluster

Leon Bouwmeester has been working at Philips Hue since January 2014. Starting at Philips, as System Architect / Product Owner Philips Hue cloud, Leon was involved in the development of Philips Hue into a the platform it is today for over ten years.


Korjan van Wieringen

Creative Software Engineer

Together with Leon, Korjan is part of the operational duo behind the Hue Platform. They have worked together for years to turn Hue in what it is today.

With his background as Creative Software Engineer at Q42, he is part of a bunch of 90 creative technologists building digital products that make people's lives smarter, better and more fun. They help organisations from ideas to impactful products with millions of users per year. Apps, websites, connected devices and AI applications that every Dutch person uses at some point.



From the nascence of the Internet of Things, security of the digital infrastructure has always been a major concern and that is no different for Signify´s Philips Hue. From 2012 until now, security has always been one of the top priorities for the platform but the form that that security takes has changed a lot. Where Hue used to be a platform exclusively for lighting, it has now grown to encompass security camera´s, contact sensors and cloud connections among other things and its security has to grow with the new capabilities.

Leon Bouwmeester, Head of Hue Platform Cluster at Signify, and Korjan van Wieringen, Software Engineer, have made it their mission to make Hue lighting just as safe as fast as turning a light switch while also keeping the platform secure as it transitions into area’s other than lighting. Signify does this by transitioning from a device-oriented to user-/account-oriented infrastructure and implementing a customer identity & access management strategy that can keep up with their ever changing demands. This not only keeps Hue secure, but it also enables the frictionless customer experience that Signify’s customers have come to expect.


Location: Restaurant de HFSLG, Vossenlaan 28, 3735 KN Bosch en Duin

17:30 | Start program (including presentation, discussion and a 3-course dinner)
20:30 | End of formal program, opportunity for informal networking


Enterprise Architects, Security Architects & IAM Leads




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