Quantum Computing: The Inevitable Threat | How Technological Advancements in the Future Affect Security Today

March 26, 2024

During this Vision Dinner at the Michelin star awarded Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje, Amir Vashkover, Head of Data Security at Philips, unpacks his strategy to deal with the threat of quantum computing, including access management, leadership when dealing with uncertain events and other non-encryption based security strategies. After the presentation, there is an opportunity for open discussions with Amir and the other participants. You are most welcome to join!

  • Small-scale peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Amir Vashkover, Philips

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Amir Vashkover

Head of Philips Data Security

Amir Vashkover is a seasoned technology leader with vast experience in both operational and leadership roles within the field of Cybersecurity. He currently leads Philips’ Data Protection division after a stint as Information & Markets Cyber Security Officer for the EMEA region. Before that, Amir served CyberMDX as both CISO and VP of Strategic Alliances & Partner Management. He holds a university degree in Electrical & Computer engineering from the Ben-Gurion University, and an MBA from the Bar-llan University in Israel. Prior to his commercial career Amir has served the Israeli Military, up to the rank of Lt. Col (res.) leading large field units.



Cybersecurity has been a volatile field: from computing arms races with hackers to zero-day exploits, security professionals have always had to be flexible. That is especially true however when it comes to the recent developments in quantum computing. It is not if, but when, quantum computing becomes commercially viable, it is expected to be able to break virtually all existing encryption techniques. This means that data can be stolen now and decrypted in the future in the so-called “Harvest Now, Decrypt Later” paradigm. Therefor these threats do not only require a well thought out multi-pronged response but time is of the essence as well.


Location: Michelin Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje, Rijksstraatweg 119, 3632 AB Loenen aan de Vecht

17:30 | Start program (including presentation, discussion and a 3-course dinner)
20:30 | End of formal program, opportunity for informal networking


Security Enterprise Architects

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