Simplification & Standardization. The digital succes recipe of Teijin Aramid

June 22, 2021

During this Virtual Round Table, the program is focussed on simplification and standardization of the IT & application landscape. Robert van Riessen, heading the transformation, will share how in 3 years’ time the basis for intelligent solutions will be ready.

After the presentation, Gordon Smit & Niek Verhaar will show how a similar digital transformation has been undertaken at Hunkemöller. Afterwards, there will be plenty of room for a moderated discussion.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Robert van Riessen


Robert van Riessen is a seasoned IT executive and has led several change & transformation programmes within Teijin Aramid. In his presentation, Robert will share how they moved from IT legacy and a sprawl of applications towards a digital workspace and end-to-end processes. With an academic background in engineering and business administration, Robert will elaborate furthermore on his view of how IT can deliver fundamental value to the business.



Gordon Smit

Director of IT

Gordon Smit is the director of IT at Hunkemöller for almost two years now. During this session Gordon will share some of his insights on his roadmap to digitalisation and how to bring intelligence to the stores. How do they predict sales, the impact of a promotion and the item availability in the stores, using technologies?



Niek Verhaar

Senior Operations Manager

Niek is Senior Operations Manager of Cloud Services at Ctac where he enables business development and innovation with a strong focus on managed and cloud services. He is responsible for Procurement, DevOps, Architecture & Design within Cloud Services. In this Virtual Round Table he will zoom in on how Ctac can help Hunkemöller in their strategy towards digitalisation.



We all know at least one recipe by heart. Whatever that dish may be, you got this one covered. You clear the work surface, gather the ingredients, and get started. This implicitly requires two key factors: familiarity and preparation. You know and understand the processes- and made sure up-front that everything is ready. The path to digital transformation is no different. By taking stock of how your organisations current processes work, organisations can save time and potentially create a smoother transformation as they update their automation processes. In 2019, Teijin Aramid started the Teijin Aramids Global Enterprise Transformation programme which guides their digital transformation journey.


16:55 | Dial in on Teams meeting
17:00 | Start program, including presentation & discussion
18:30 | End


Directors Innovation, Strategy, IT, Digitalisation & Transformation

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