The digital transformation of Schiphol

April 22, 2021

Henry van der Geest is Director Finance & Control at Schiphol and will take you on a journey through the (digital) ambition of his organisation. In doing so, he shows the role of the finance department and pays specific attention to topics such as personal leadership, data-driven working and creating support among employees, as well as the development of new skills.

Dialogue and discussion are central to this meeting. To make this dialogue more dynamic, the session is recorded live in the studio and carries a hybrid character. This means that the online and physical world are connected and that it is not only possible to attend the session online, but also - in accordance with the applicable measures and guidelines - in the studio.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • During this Flevum Expert Dialogue, Antoine de Wispelaere of Bauhaus ArtITech is your host.
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule
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Henry van der Geest

Director Finance & Control

Henry van der Geest has been Director Finance & Control at Schiphol since 2016. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank Regio Schiphol.


Royal Schiphol Group's ambition is to emerge from the current crisis better, quieter and cleaner: "building back better". The company wants to create the most sustainable, high-quality airport. This is only possible with a strong, reliable and financially solid organization. Data and (digital) innovations play an important role in realizing our ambitions.


Antoine de Wispelaere


Connecting people. Antoine de Wispelaere prefers to use this strong characteristic in (digital) transformation processes. He brings large groups of people together and makes sure that they listen to each other. He creates a melting pot of ideas and filters out a common denominator. This ensures a distinctive and supported vision, which allows you to take a step further digitally. Based on his extensive practical experience and as host of this Virtual Round Table, he facilitates the conversation between you and the other participants.



Because the finance department has a good view of critical data flows, it fulfills a unique position in the realisation of its (digital) ambitions. In order to capitalize on this position, the Schiphol Digital Finance 2025 program is investing heavily in the development of the required capabilities. Finance will use insights from (un) structured data as a "navigator" to support the business in strategic decision-making and value creation.


17:25 uur | Dial in on Teams link
17.30 uur | Start of the program, including conversation and discussion
18.30 uur | End


Directors and Board Members

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