Cost by design @ Cloud Strategies: The scalable engine of PostNL

30 november 2021

Against this background, Joost van der Vlies will shine a light on why and how they involve cost during the design phase in a cloud environment, how it guides their choices in multi-cloud development and how it optimises cloud usage and efficiency. Does this interest you, and would you like to discuss your challenges and lessons learned in a small-scale exclusive environment? Then you are welcome to participate in this Virtual Round Table!

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Joost van der Vlies, PostNL

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Joost van der Vlies

Joost is a seasoned executive with over 20+ years of experience in technology. In his current role, Joost is responsible for PostNL IT strategy, enterprise architecture, software engineering community, and the continuous development in their cloud efforts. During this event, Joost would like to discourse on the multi-cloud approach and discuss with you how to choose the right technologies on the right requirements.



With 8.1 million delivered letters and 1.1 million delivered parcels per working day, PostNL moves to the future of intelligent logistics driven by AI, IoT and Data. To remain strongly competitive, they are focussing on creating and understanding differentiating capabilities. In this line PostNL started their cloud journey in 2013 and currently sets the pace in becoming cloud native. While acknowledging cloud platform benefits such as scalability, flexibility and resiliency, it is of vital importance to incorporate cost management in the competitive market of today.


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Directors IT, Technology and Architecture

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