customer experience is key in the logistics process. Building a new fulfillment center

March 9, 2021

During this Virtual Round Table, Joost Poelgeest will tell you about the logistical implications of the growth of and the role of new centers, including a "state of the art parcel factory", now being realized in Waalwijk. He will also show you how such an extensive project is implemented in the current logistics strategy and he will discuss the balance between human and machine.

Joost Poelgeest, Director Logistics Infrastructure,

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Joost Poelgeest, Director Logistics Infrastructure

As Director Logistics Infrastructure Joost is responsible for the logistic projects at Joost started his career at in 2014. Before Joost worked at Ahold for 5 years. He is specialized in e-commerce, supply chain, logistics, operations, agile thinking and (large scale) project management.


Consumers are increasingly shopping online, a trend that started years ago, but has gained momentum due to recent developments. sees this trend reflected in the number of sales and over the past years, is also handling a growing number of partners that offer products through their platform. In order to keep up with this growth and at the same time serve customers even better, continuously optimizes its logistical process and builds new “fulfilment centers” that can accommodate up to a million unique items.


The new distribution center in Waalwijk is equipped with smart technology that makes the work processes more efficient. In addition, the PostNL sorting process is placed within the new center, which makes the time between order and delivery as short as possible, with fewer transport movements necessary, resulting in customers who receive their orders even faster.


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