KPN’s People Driven Digital Transformation | With Hidde Andriessen, IT Director Digital Experience at KPN

December 12, 2023

With the changing digital landscape, KPN decided it needed a digital transformation to regain understanding of its architecture. Hidde Andriessen, IT Director Digital Experience, now one of the executives, was involved in various roles during a transformation of a firm with little to no inhouse IT-knowledge to the KPN we know today. Rather than approaching transformation through a classical IT-lens, Hidde Andriessen looked through the eyes of KPN’s customers. As a result, KPN now boasts an Agile IT-infrastructure based on the MACH-principles, an Omni-channel strategy, a Single Shop, and a continuous drive to improve and innovate.

During a unique Vision Dinner for executives on the 12th of December, Andriessen will give behind the scenes insights into how he handled KPN’s Digital Transformation, what challenges he faced and what lessons KPN learned along the way. Sign up to learn from his story first-hand and share experiences with peers from the field in an intimate round table setting.

  • Small scaled peer session
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Hidde Andriessen, KPN

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Hidde Andriessen

IT Director Digital Experience

Hidde Andriessen is a passionate leader in the IT/Tech fields with a drive to facilitate continuous improvement. Before Hidde’s current role, he worked as the CTO of XS4ALL, and IT-Director Change and IT-Director Customer Solutions at KPN.



Digital Transformation | IT Director's Approach | Leadership Insights


Location: Creative Valley Papendorp, Utrecht

17:30 | Start program (including presentation, discussion and a 3-course dinner)
20:30 | End of formal program, opportunity for informal networking


Chief Information Officers & Chief Technology Officers

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