How can we use Covid-19 pandemic to get of to a flying start?

April 29, 2021

During this Flevum Webinar, Hartger Eikelhof, Anton Eikelhof & Frank Schouten will go over the new opportunities that will present themselves after the Covid-19 pandemic. They do this by answering a set of pressing questions and discuss them with the present audience.

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Frank Schouten

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During this webinar-workshop, Hartger Eikelhof (MMCenter, offline), Anton Eikelhof (B marked, online) and Frank Schouten (Flevum) will dive deeper in the positive opportunities and challenges that will present themselves to SME businesses. What are the opportunities and challenges we should focus on?

During 1 hour, we will effectively answer the questions below. Anthony Robbins once said "Ask qualitatively relevant question to obtain even more qualitative, better and relevant answers".

Let the questions below sink in. Participant's inputs are desired to really grasp what the future holds. Because whatever the future holds, is in our hands.

  • Will we face a hybrid society, in which we have a strong combination of online/offline business, or will we soon go back to normal?
  • What is needed for you, to be as agile as possible when the pandemic comes to an end? (Think of strategy, marketing, efficiency and digital technologies)
  • What new challenges and goals are feasible in the post-pandemic period?
  • What insights brought the Covid-19 pandemic for you?

Start | 15:00
End | 16:00


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