Visionary Circle

The Visionary Circle is our CEO community where leaders connect with each other in an intimate setting to engage in dialogue, share knowledge, and be inspired with the aim of effecting positive changes. The Visionary Circle focuses on societal and business-relevant themes. Highly prominent speakers will initiate the dialogue on these themes, which are highly relevant for current CEOs.


Join the Flevum Forum Network’s Visionary Circle to connect with a select group of CEOs from leading corporations. This exclusive community supports collaboration, allowing you to share experiences, gain insights, and create valuable partnerships with like-minded industry leaders.

Global Leadership Insights

As a Visionary Circle member, gain access to CEO networking sessions with intimate roundtable discussions. Engage with industry leaders, staying ahead of global business trends and expanding your leadership perspectives within an esteemed peer group.

Knowledge Sharing Hub

Contribute and benefit from a hub of shared executive knowledge. As a member of the Visionary Circle, actively participate in the exchange of strategic intelligence, insights, and best practices, and foster a collaborative environment where CEOs collectively shape the future of global business.

Visionary Circle

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Meet successful international growth movers and shakers, EU political and governmental leaders, global thought leaders, top scientists, and distinguished individuals.


“Flevum’s sessions have been ‘time well spent’ to executives for years now”.

Jacques Pijl, Owner & Director, Turner

“The quality of Flevum’s Virtual Round Tables is exceptionally high. This includes keynote speakers, participants and organisations”

Ron Grevink, Sr. Marketing Manager Benelux, VMware

“Open discussions in a confidential environment and cross-industry exchange of knowledge and expertise help me to have a fresh approach for various cases.

Vinz van Es, Managing Director, G4S

“Flevum offers a highly professional network that allows us to stay informed on the latest market developments”

André van Troost, CEO, Lely

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