Boardroom Network

Our exclusive program for board members facilitates intimate peer-to-peer dialogues between the most influential leaders while offering an in-depth perspective on business performance in light of our transformative themes. This is a comprehensive guide to futureproof boardroom topics. An annual Seaside Dinner will bring the whole community together for networking, knowledge transfer and inspiration.


Boardroom Network

Boardroom Challenges & Opportunities in AI-driven Innovations | TNO: How to effectively integrate (Gen)AI within the Business


Amidst the current hype surrounding AI, many ponder how generative AI will impact society. However, it also raises questions regarding the risks associated with AI-driven innovations. For board members, it remains challenging to judge when and how to use AI. Peter will explain how GenAI is sparking a systemic shift in society and address its subsequent impact on the boardroom. During this Vision Dinner, Peter’s expertise will shed light on navigating the evolving landscape of AI, uncovering its potential impact on citizens, governments and businesses. He provides his perspective on how Board Members can deal with and embed (Gen)AI in their strategies to harness benefits while mitigating risks effectively. Within this small gathering exclusive to boardroom members, there is an opportunity for open discussions with Peter and other participants. You are most welcome to join this insightful evening!

Boardroom Network

Cybersecurity: Chefsache!


During this Vision Dinner, Harmen Dikkers, Managing Director at Fox-IT will take you through the latest developments in cybersecurity and answer questions relevant to board members such as: How do you get a grip on threats and measures in a cost-efficient way? Which questions should you ask your CIO and CISO? How to get to a more secure digital future?

Boardoom Special

Boardoom Special: Dutch Ministry of Defence – Industry


During this dinner at De Zwaluwenberg Estate in Hilversum, Lieutenant General Van Sprang will explain the Defense ecosystem and ask how cooperation between Defense and the business community can be improved. In other words, what can Defense do for the business community in peacetime and what can the business community do for Defense in times of tension? How could we make mutual use of each other’s infrastructures, people, knowledge and facilities (training, etc.). It promises to be a very interesting and interactive evening with possible follow-up at a later date.

Boardroom Network

Sustainability: Scaling & Speeding Up | Urgenda: The need for urgent measures in sustainability


During this Vision Dinner, Marjan Minnesma, Director of Urgenda, will speak about urgent issues regarding climate change and sustainability. Marjan will substantiate why urgent measures are necessary. She will also highlight the role of the government. But above all, her presentation will contain a call to action for us. She will give us examples of how possible (innovative) solutions and technologies can stimulate sustainable development and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Boardroom Network

Unveiling Economic Prospects and Challenges in Difficult times | CPB: Insights in economy, innovation, and competitiveness


During this Vision Dinner, Pieter Hasekamp, Director of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), will discuss several fascinating topics related to our economic outlook and challenges. His presentation provides the opportunity for fruitful discussions on issues such as the impact of government policies, innovation, and our competitiveness. It will also cover various economic perspectives and the future of work and skills.


“Flevum’s sessions have been ‘time well spent’ to executives for years now”.

Jacques Pijl, Owner & Director, Turner

“The quality of Flevum’s Virtual Round Tables is exceptionally high. This includes keynote speakers, participants and organisations”

Ron Grevink, Sr. Marketing Manager Benelux, VMware

“Open discussions in a confidential environment and cross-industry exchange of knowledge and expertise help me to have a fresh approach for various cases.

Vinz van Es, Managing Director, G4S

“Flevum offers a highly professional network that allows us to stay informed on the latest market developments”

André van Troost, CEO, Lely


Corporate interviews

Every month, Flevum publishes a newsletter for its members. In our interviews, you can read personal stories from executives within our network.

Resilience in the Making: Unpacking Supply Chain Transformation with Industry Leaders

During a recent Smart Industry Network Netherlands (SINN) session, organised in partnership with Capgemini, Equinix, and Microsoft, manufacturing industry executives from more than 16 companies convened to tackle current supply chain challenges, explore avenues for enhancing resilience, and share insights on Supply Chain Transformation. The evening session enabled the participants to discuss their supply chain challenges openly and honestly while learning from each other and enjoying a fine dinner.

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