The impact of Covid on businesses: leasons learned and the way forward – Board of Directors session with Pfizer

1 september 2022

During this session, Marc Kaptein, Medical Director Pfizer, will give a key-note on the impact of Covid-19 on business. After two years of government limitations, society hoped for a fresh start, but a clear vision for coming autumn is lacking. Mr Kaptein will therefore discuss the leading role that business should play in this, where partnerships are essential. You are cordially invited to join this session, where we will discuss the next steps for targeted policy on Covid-19.

  • Small scaled Board of Directors meeting
  • Open dialogue by means of the Chatham House Rule

Marc Kaptein, Pfizer

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Marc Kaptein

Medical Director

Mr. Marc Kaptein, M.D., has been Medical Director at Pfizer Netherlands since 2016. He began his management career at several companies in the pharmaceutical sector, such as Organon for which he worked in the United States and Eli Lilly. Between 2013 and 2015 he worked at startup myTomorrows as Chief Medical Director. Mr. Kaptein is a board member of HollandBIO and advisor to start-up EV Biotech. He stepped down this spring as chairman of the Dutch Association for Pharmaceutical Medicine (NVFG).

Mr. Kaptein graduated in medicine from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and was a practicing physician in gynecology and obstetrics until 2000.


Helping people, making people better, letting people be at their best. That is what we are committed to every day.

We discover, develop and make medicines and vaccines that can cure people, prevent diseases or improve the quality of life. We do this for bigger, common diseases as well as for rare diseases.

Every day, around 88,000 enthusiastic colleagues worldwide work on the breakthroughs that change the lives of patients.

This is not just limited to scientific breakthroughs that lead to new innovative and valuable medicines and treatment methods for patients, such as gene therapy.

But it also leads to projects and initiatives that improve people's care or quality of life, such as Werk&Ziek or Roze Olifant.

We work together with all parties in healthcare. We are committed to better drug care, to better social care and to a better society.

In doing so, we as Pfizer strive to ensure that healthcare is accessible to everyone and that we all contribute to sensible care through responsible, future-proof drug spending.


Marc Kaptein, Medical Director of Pfizer Netherlands, knows better than anyone what impact Covid-19 has had on society and the economy. What lessons can we learn from the past two years, and how can businesses prepare for the coming winter? Mr. Kaptein is excited to talk with you about his vision on the future and the importance of partnerships.


Location: Kloosterhoeve in Harmelen

17:30 | Walk-in
18:00 | Program
20:30 | Coffee and networking


Executive board members: CEO’s, COO’s & CFO’s

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