What the healthcare sector can learn from business

The management of hospitals is complex. Loose contracts with various health insurers and varying interests of patients, doctors and staff create a situation in which innovation and the application of medical devices are sometimes unnecessarily delayed. To speed up this process, more and more hospitals, including the Meander Medical Centre, are turning to industry best practices. 

Frank de Reij himself has extensive experience in the business world. For example, he worked for Air France – KLM for a long time, where he held various managerial positions. This experience is reflected in the way he manages the hospital and also in the way he shapes processes and innovation. During this Vision Dinner he showed how innovation was organised within his hospital. He did this on the basis of concrete examples, such as the transformation to a ‘connected hospital’ and the investment in ‘patient journeys’.

The discussion with 20 directors from the Healthcare sector was conducted under the guidance of Corné Mulders, CIO of the UMC Utrecht. During his career, Corné worked in the business world for quite some time – among other things as CIO at ABN AMRO. When he made the switch to the healthcare sector, he noticed that, technically speaking, much more was possible than was already being applied in the sector. In the discussion, there were many references to the difference between the business sector and the healthcare sector.

The following participants, among others, were present at this session

  • CIO | Bravis Ziekenhuis
  • CFO | Careyn
  • Sectorspecialist gezondheidszorg | BNG Bank
  • Head of IT | Flevoziekenhuis

This session was organised by Flevum in collaboration with Nutanix.

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