Preparing for the new normal

Business and society are undergoing radical changes as a result of COVID-19. The broad implications that a ‘new normal’ must have must be addressed. Every sector must adapt and prepare itself for an environment of which no one knows what it will look like. What is known is that the ‘new normal’ is not fixed, and that what it will be depends on all our actions today. This Virtual Round Table has discussed how companies have experienced the past few months and provided original insights into how to prepare for the future. 

Daniel, CTO at Picnic, leads the technological development of the e-commerce supply chain at the world’s fastest growing online supermarket. During the Virtual Round Table, Daniel shared how he thinks the new standard will be a product of collaboration between organisations (ecosystems), what the current major trends in technology are and how this will affect your tech department and organisation. Finally, he highlighted the implications of the increasing similarities between start-ups and companies.

The following participants were among others present during this session:

  • Tribelead AgTech | KPN
  • Head of Digital | Makro
  • Head of Unwasted | PepsiCo
  • Head of Digital Supply Chain | SHV Energy

This meeting was organised by Flevum in collaboration with partner Avanade. 

Some responses after the virtual Round table

  • Daniel, thanks for sharing your story. It is always inspiring to hear about logistics.

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