Pandora’s Cybersecurity Box

Flevum organised this session in response to the vast increase in the amount of data public and private parties are collecting and utilising. It is impossible to imagine modern corporates functioning without it. With the collection of data comes an increased responsibility. Customers and chain partners expect their interest to be protected and their information to be secured by the company they provide it to. Additionally, companies also have to ensure that their internal data streams – such as process information, classified documentation and even daily emails – are protected. However, companies are not always aware of the sensitivity of their data, and the potential risk they face. This session discussed how Ahold Delhaize manages their Cybersecurity.  

The presentation by Ori Fragman explained in detail what cybersecurity means to Ahold Delhaize. The session dealt with common challenges such as the positioning of the cybersecurity division within large (multinational) corporations, which neatly aligned with the challenges faced by the participants of this session. Ori was able to use his extensive experience in cybersecurity in the financial sector, particularly in Fintech, to provide credible insights to the participants. 

After the presentation, Ori Fragman entered into conversation with CISO’s and CIO’s to share context specific challenges, and connect with and learn from each other. Participants included 

  • Vice President, CSO | TomTom
  • Vice President, CSO | Philips
  • CISO | Alliander

This session was facilitated by Flevum in a digital environment and was jointly made possible by Fortinet, Computest & KPN Security

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