Manufacturing the Future: Customer-oriented production at Terberg

Adapting to industry 4.0 can bring many benefits such as more efficient production, reducing costs or improving the quality of end products. Smart industry also contributes to opportunities for further product development. What are the biggest challenges for major players in the manufacturing industry? How can organisations prepare for and benefit from industry 4.0?

During this visit to the Terberg factory it was discussed how Terberg focuses its business on new client-producer relationships, where custom-made products become the new standard. Also different applications of industry 4.0 were highlighted and a substantive discussion gave the possibility to share different production strategies with each other.

Mr. van Hove is Managing Director of Terberg Benschop since September 2016 after having held several executive positions within the manufacturing industry. During the meeting he described the customer-oriented production process, what is used within Terberg and how there is a focus on innovation, customer relations and assembly. 

During this session the following participants were among others present

  • Group VP, Head of Advanced Process Analytics Quality & Supply Chain | ABB Benelux
  • Chief Business Development Officer | AutoBinck
  • Director Operations | Fancom
  • CEO Inland Services | APM Terminals
  • VP, Unit Special Products | VDL Steelweld

This meeting was organised by Flevum in combination with Microsoft & Capgemini.

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